Wild and Wonderful

West Virginia, wild and wonderful.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jimmy and I went to Wheeling, WV for a one-night getaway. It was our first vacation since our honeymoon, and I was beyond excited! We headed out to Wheeling after work on Friday evening, and stayed until Saturday afternoon. Not a super long trip by any means, but it was perfect for us.


We went out to eat, checked into our hotel, visited Cabelas (a super big outdoors/hunting retail store), and relaxed in the hotel’s hot tub on Friday night. We talked about everything and nothing at the same time, and it was lovely. I truly enjoy just being with my husband, you know? We can be sitting together, not talking or doing anything, and I really cherish those moments of togetherness.

Just hanging out with a huge taxidermy moose in Cabelas...

Just hanging out with a huge (taxidermized) moose in Cabelas…

I forgot how relaxing hot tubs are!

I forgot how relaxing hot tubs are!

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up on Saturday morning and ate breakfast (and drank lots of coffee!) at the hotel. I read my devotions book and the newspaper. I love reading the newspaper wherever I travel! After breakfast, we decided to get back in the hot tub. Yeah, we were in that hot tub at 8:30 AM! It felt so good to just do nothing for once.


After getting ready for the day, we wandered around Wheeling, stopping in a bookstore and Petco to look at kittens for adoption. This is dangerous for me to do–both the bookstore browsing and looking at kittens, ha.


We grabbed lunch at Bob Evans, and then made the trek home in time to mow the lawn and head out to see a friend in a musical. It was a lovely little getaway, and very relaxing. I’m glad I blogged about this so I can look back and remember our first little vacation together!

Right Now

Hi! I can’t believe we’re in the double digits of April already. The weather is finally beginning to shape up here in Pittsburgh. We had our first thunderstorm of the season the other night. I like thunderstorms, but they also scare me. During the storm, Jimmy was cracking up at me running around the house closing our windows and saying “Whoa, it’s really bad out there!” ha.

It’s been a while since I last completed the current survey, so I thought I’d do it again because it’s fun to be able to look back and see what was going on in my life in the past. Things have definitely changed since 2013!

Current book(s) Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and the Chronological Bible!

Current Books

Current guilty pleasure – Relaxing on a weeknight. Lately, Jimmy and I have been go-go-go all week (and weekend), so occasionally having absolutely nothing to do after work is heavenly!

Current music – Nothing. I’m so boring. I usually listen to audio books while I drive instead of the radio.

Current nail color – Again, I’m boring… I just have a clear coat on my nails. I guess that kind of fulfills the goal of taking care of my nails this year.

Current food – Everything Indian. I’m totally obsessed. Even back in the early days of my blog, I had a deep love for curry and all things Indian. I’ve been to a few amazing Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh (Zaiaka and India Garden), and have recently tired my hand at chana masala and chicken tikka masala. Our spice cabinet is filled with garam masala, coriander, turmeric, cumin, and curry powder. Our cabinets also feature coconut milk and chickpeas. Yep, totally obsessed. Next on my list to make: red kidney bean curry, baingan bharta, and naan.

My chana masala in all of its amateur glory.

My chana masala in all of its amateur glory.

Current television show – Shark Tank and almost anything on HGTV. Jimmy and I just discovered Shark Tank a couple of months ago and we’re hooked (ha.. get it?!). As for HGTV, I really enjoy Property Virgins, House Hunters, and Caribbean Life, but I’ll watch pretty much anything on that channel. Before Jimmy and I house hunted last year, my parents used to watch HGTV and I thought it was so boring. Now I totally understand their enthusiasm for all things home and garden! Sorry mom and dad!

Current wish list – To see my family soon! They all went to Florida and I miss them a ton. I’m having fun pet sitting my brother’s dog, though!

Moses and Lola

Moses and Lola were soo ready for a walk.

Current needs – A box of tissues. I caught a cold and used all of our tissues. I woke up in the middle of night with a stuffy nose last night, so I ended up bringing a roll of toilet paper with me to bed. So classy ;)

Current indulgence – Blogging right now! I should be doing a million other things around the house, but I just really want to blog.

Current blessing – The weather! Spring has sprung, and it’s a huge blessing.

Current excitement – An upcoming trip with Jimmy! We might be going on our first vacation (since our honeymoon) this weekend, and I’m super excited! I think we’re going to stay the night at a hotel in West Virginia, and hang out around Wheeling the next day. Can’t wait!

Tell me something current in your life!