Bummed :(

Tomorrow (Saturday) was supposed to be awesome. I was going to run my first full marathon. I didn’t say anything about the race in the blog world because last time I did, I didn’t end up running the marathon. I wanted to surprise everyone.

Anyways, let me retrace my steps back to Thursday. I began packing for the marathon on Thursday afternoon because it was supposed to be in West Virginia. The plan was that my family was leaving Friday afternoon and staying in a hotel and then I was running the marathon on Saturday.

Random running picture…

On Thursday afternoon, Hannah came home from school complaining that she was nauseous. I didn’t think anything of it and left that evening to teach Spinning. I came home around 7:30 and found out that Hannah had thrown up and wasn’t feeling well.

Random picture of Hannah and me..

By 9:00 p.m., I threw up and was feeling awful. All night Hannah, my mom, and I got sick. I threw up 5 times–until I didn’t have anything left in my stomach and I was heaving and unable to breathe. We had to throw away four garbage cans and Hannah decided to just get sick outside since it was easier. Bleh.

So, I was supposed to be leaving in a few hours to travel to West Virginia to run my first marathon. I began training in August and I have been tapering the past two weeks. Now I can hardly walk around my house because I’m so tired from getting sick.


After the first time I threw up, I thought that maybe that would be it and I’d be okay to run. Now I’m having trouble thinking about food/water, so I know their is no way I’d be able to re-fuel enough before the race and I just have no energy.

I feel as if I keep getting “blocked” from running a marathon. I was signed up for the Steamtown Marathon in October 2010 and injured my knee a month before. I was going to run God’s Country Marathon in June, but I didn’t want to miss Hannah’s dance recital. In August, I wanted to sign up for the Akron Marathon but it sold out. I signed up for Freedom’s Run Marathon that is tomorrow and became ill 48 hours before.

This is a bummer. It’s not the end of the world. Its just running and races are held every weekend. I look at it this way–maybe God is preventing me from going because something bad would have happened before/during/after the race.

For now, I’m just working on regaining my strength and feeling better. Thanks for reading this Debbie Downer post! I hope everyone has a great weekend <3

Bible verse of the day: Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

Montour Trail 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday I ran my fourth half marathon! 

Race info:

Course Description: 13.1 miles out and back on the (mostly flat) Montour Trail. The course also went through a tunnel, which was pretty fun.

Race cap: 1,500 runners. That many runners on a 5-foot wide trail was cramped!

Weather: 67* with 90% humidity and a light drizzle until after I finished the race. About 15 minutes after I finished it was a torrential downpour with crazy wind.


Hannah and I at the start. I’m wearing a pink shirt and she’s wearing blue. Hannah ran the 5k.

A lot of people and stormy weather!

Race Results:

Time: 1:39:22
Pace: 7:35
Place: 3rd place in 20-24 age group
What my watch said: 13.48 miles in 1:39:21 = 7:22 pace

I got my best time :)


The last time I ran this race, in 2010, I got a 1:42:58 (7:52 pace).Post-race in 2010… much better weather! Funny story: my family dropped me off at the start and then went out to eat while I ran the half marathon. Cool life, family.

My second half marathon was frigid (17*) and I got a 1:46:16 (8:07 pace).

I was unable to run the Montour Trail half marathon last year because I was injured. I did run the same freezing cold half marathon that I ran in March 2011. I got a 1:41:32 (7:44 pace). 

So, that has been my half-marathon progression. My time has improved with each race (except in 2011… lolz) and I just enjoy running 13.1 miles. It’s a splendid time! One day I will convince Hannah to run with me so I’m not bored running by myself the whole time ;).


Today is probably going to be a homework day for me. If you don’t have homework, go do something fun for me. Thanks ;)

Bible verse of the day: Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart! Psalm 32:11

(Not) Running Plans

In late January I began training for a June 2012 marathon and now I’ve pretty much decided not to run it. I went through each run well and was injury free. I’m still injury free. So what is the issue?

I even managed a few good trail runs.

Well, one day a few weeks ago I randomly looked on my family’s calendar for the date of my marathon and saw that it’s my little sister’s dance recital. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. At that point I decided to just run a marathon close to the date I had planned.

Then I couldn’t find one that “fit my bill.” I wanted a Saturday marathon and I was only willing to travel to PA, OH, NY, or WV. I searched for two weeks and I still couldn’t find one.

As I was praying about the situation I felt as if God was telling me “Allie, your plans aren’t working for a reason.” I thought about it and prayed some more and realized that I was becoming too bonded to training for this marathon. 

I started out training very excited and was reasonably “into it” but soon enough I was spending a lot of time in my training journal and on weather websites trying to plan out my runs for the week. I was thinking about the training more than I was thinking about the most important thing in my life–my faith and relationship with God.

Once I came to that realization I knew it was time to let go of the training plan and the whole idea of the marathon-for now. I’m sure I may one day run a marathon, but since praying about it, I feel like God is telling me that now isn’t my time.

So what are my running plans?

The short answer: I have a half marathon on the 31st of March and I am doing two 5k’s in April.

The long answer: I’m just going to run when I can & when I feel like it and not worry about training plans (to an extent-I don’t want to injure myself) and all of the stresses that come with it. Who knows what I will be racing in this summer or if I will run at all.

 I just know what needs to always, always come first in my life and thoughts- God.


This was a really hard post to write because I feel humbled. All through January, February, and a bit of March I posted about the marathon that I wanted/planned to run and talked about it but I feel as if I am doing the right thing according to my prayers and God’s guidance.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


Have you ever had an abrupt change of plans? 

January check in!

At the beginning of January I blogged my 2012 goals/resolutions. Now that January is over, I want to look back and see how I am doing and if I accomplished anything!

Life goals/resolutions

  1. Get a job and work my butt off. This didn’t happen, but I’m working on it for the end of February!
  2. Travel to Savannah, GA. I’m hoping to do this in June!
  3. Read 50 books. I have read four so far!
  4. Be more generous/surprise others more. I did great with this because I made my parents a 25th wedding anniversary photo book. They were very surprised and it made me feel good.

Spiritual goals/resolutions

  1. Continue to have Bible studies with Jimmy and get through 5 more books of the Bible. We’re trucking along in Romans right now with weekly Bible studies/coffee dates
  2. Journal 3x a week. I’m doing super good with this goal. For me, once I start to journal daily it becomes a habit than I cherish.

Health and fitness goals/resolutions

  1. Run outside at least 2x a week in the cool months. Ha… I’m stuck at running in the cold 1x a week right now. Oh well!
  2. Run my 3rd half marathon and an ultra or a full marathon. I signed up for my 3rd half and I’m training for a full marathon in June. Fingers crossed I don’t get injured!
  3. Break 21:00 and/or 20:00 in the 5k. I have a few 5k’s that I have my eye on to run in April/May.
  4. Learn to “back off” when I feel a possible injury coming on. I’m doing pretty good with this. The week before I started training for the marathon my knee felt weird so I didn’t run for most of that week. Injury avoided. So far :p.

So that is how I’m doing with my goals/resolutions in the new year! I’m astonished at how fast January went by. Now it is already February 4th…crazy.

This month I’m going to be doing lots of school work (as usual when I’m in school!), working on becoming employed, running (and possibly training for a master’s swim meet!!!), maybe go skiing, go to another college game night party, and hang out with friends/family/Jimmy. Fun stuff!

The weather in Pittsburgh has been wonderful lately (in the mid to high 40’s!) and I just feel really blessed and content with life in general<3

I hope you have a great February!

Workout buddy + I was in the news..

I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed my lovely food baby from yesterday’s post… I think some people may have been too creeped out to comment, but that is okay-I know i’m weird :)

Did I tell you that I’ve been swimming/working out with a new buddy!? Way back in June when I swam my 1st open water race, I met the director who was totally cool. Oh yeah-and he was the 833rd person to swim the English Channel! Anyways… he is doing the “Ocean’s Seven” challenge (Google it!!!!) and we swim/lift together in the AM a few days a week. He is very inspirational, not to mention HARD WORKING. I love having a new bud to workout with and be motivated by.

A picture of us was in the news paper a few days after the race…

(I scribbled out our town names so no one will be a creep creep lolzzzz)

I have also been personal training my sis:

She LOVES it ;) bahahha

Do you like to work out with a friend or do you prefer to go solo?