8 Things to do in September

September is upon us. Everyone is going to start seeing more of the “P-word” around the blog world. You know…pumpkin. I promise I won’t mention the P-word just yet. It’s still summer in the U.S. until late September!! Can you tell I’m really hanging on to this season? ;)

Moving on.

I was thinking about September and all of the things I want to do, so my random thoughts inspired this post.

8 Things to do in September

1. Read a book. It’s back to school time, and whether or not you’re headed to the classroom, now is a great time to crack open a new book. Head to your library, check out the New York Times Best Sellers list, or visit a local book store for inspiration. After a busy summer, I’m finally getting back into reading and it feels so good! Jimmy and I are reading The Love Dare together, and I’m hoping to start American Wife soon. I’ve read some controversial reviews on it, so I’m intrigued!

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Around the internet

Hi there. Happy Tuesday and National Dog Day! Yesterday was August 25th. Do you know what that means? Four months until Christmas. That’s so weird. Anyways. Did everyone have a nice weekend? I spent time doing some of this…


Reading + drinking coffee + hanging out with Lola. Jimmy was right beside me, too. He just started reading A Game of Thrones and said he recommends it if you enjoyed the TV series. It’s the best feeling when I have some of my most favorite things all in one place!

Life lately in 10 pictures

Thank you to everyone who commented on my recent post. Whew. It was a painful subject to blog about (dramatic, I know..), but I’m extremely glad I did because I’m definitely one of “those people” who gets closure through writing. I’m also always blown away by the support and encouragement I continually receive from blog friends. Thanks, guys!

Alright, onto what’s been going on in my life, in picture form. I have been taking a ton of pictures on my phone lately, but I didn’t want to post them all and bore everyone, so I narrowed it down to ten. That’s pretty reasonable, right?!

1. Pet sitting. I recently did some pet sitting for three rescued dachshunds. I loved it so much! It made me sad to know that such sweet dogs were abused in the past, but I’m happy that they are now living with wonderful owners who totally adore them.


The Ceremony

Time for more wedding pictures! I’m going to be sharing some pictures from the ceremony in this post.

I remember our ceremony as simple and happy. The youth minister from our church sang a beautiful love song that he re-wrote for us, our siblings read scriptures we picked out, and our preacher married us. It was truly perfect. I absolutely loved being surrounded by all of the people I love, while marrying the man of my dreams (<— I’m so cheesy, haha).