More of our reception

So, it’s October. Jimmy and I were married in June. I’m kind of behind on sharing wedding pictures, haha! I posted about the first half of our reception about a month ago, and I finally found some time to post about the second half. Woo hoo!

I left off with the father-daughter dance. After mine and my dad’s dance, Jimmy danced with his mom to “My Wish” by Rascal Flats.


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Hi guys! How was your weekend? I hope it was splendid. Mine was fun and busy. I’ve been pet sitting since Friday, and Jimmy and I hosted a young adult church get together at our house on Saturday night. We had a blast playing games, eating, and encouraging each other in our faith. I love nights like that. Here’s two pictures before I get into today’s post…


Gunner, the cutie I’ve been hanging out with all weekend. He reminds me of Maggie, a bulldog I watched last year!

2014-10-18 15.28.38

Cupcakes! I don’t think I can write a blog post without mentioning baking, haha. I made these cupcakes (along with bread and soup) for the get together Jimmy and I hosted on Saturday. The orange sprinkles made them feel extra fall-ish :)

Thoughts on married life so far

Hi! So, I’ve received a few comments asking me to do a post on what my general thoughts/feelings are on married life. Mostly, the questions focused on what it’s like to live with someone I’ve never lived with before, if Jimmy and I have driven each other crazy yet, if either of us has any annoying habits the other didn’t know about, etc.

I'm scowling and Jimmy is smiling. Lovely ;)

I’m scowling and Jimmy is smiling. Lovely ;)

We’ve been married about four months now, so I’m no marriage expert (because that title totally exists.. ha), I’m just offering up my personal thoughts and experiences. So, here we go!